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White, Red & Rosé  6-Pack Boxed Presentation Set

White, Red & Rosé 6-Pack Boxed Presentation Set
2-asatsuyu + 2-rindo + 2-yui: 750ml for Gifting

White, Red & Rosé Gift Set

This unique boxed set collects our best sellers, asatsuyu Sauvignon Blanc, yui rosé and rindo red blend  - and provides individually wrapped and boxed bottles. 
2 each for a set of 6, perfect for presentation as gifts (Mother's Day) or awards

One Kenzo Estate-branded outer box contains individually boxed:
2 - 2019 asatsuyu Sauvignon Blanc 750ml 
2 - 2017 rindo Flagship red blend  750ml
2 - 2019 yui Rosé 750ml 

ships pre-packed, not sold individually
apologies, this set does not ship to Japan or HK
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/ 6 - 750ml Bottles in Gift Pack