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New Half-Bottle Sets To try


the full range of Kenzo Estate half bottles

Each of Kenzo Estate's lauded labels is available in half-bottles,
and for a limited time, to order as a set 
• hostess gifts  • table for one or two  • mini-vertical tasting
• picnics  • less spoilage  • just a sip

Each set is shipped with the Kenzo Estate look-book, with full color images of the 3800-acre property, a detailed history and principal biographies.

2014 • 2015 • 2016
Rindo half-bottle vertical
Set of 3 - 375ml bottles  •  $200

This unique set allows you to try each of these great vintages, revealing nuances in blends distinct to each year. 


2016 asuka 375ml 3-pack




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