In the Winery

Spring is a time of serenity in the winery, patiently waiting while the wines rest in barrel.

In the Vineyard

Bud break, suckering, and tucking. The vineyard crew watches tentatively as the vines begin to develop.


A traditional Japanese technique for perfectly folding a silk cloth to hold anything, but ideally a wine bottle!


Recent visitors and special events at Kenzo Estate: Ms. Margrit Mondavi.



In the winery, spring time is a time of preparing, blending, and cleaning. During these months, a number of things happen within the production facility. The Asatsuyu, that we have so carefully nurtured, goes through its final racking, finishing and is bottled. As the reds have finished fermentation, they rest in barrel while we occasionally check on them while they slumber. Maintaining cleanliness is always important within the winery, and this is the main job of the production team during this time of the year.