Marshaling resources and expertise around his conviction that greatness will be achieved in the wines from this land, Kenzo believes in making wines of distinction, artistry and tradition. Mr. Tsujimoto’s accomplishments in business have leaned toward an intuitive understanding which fascinates people. Wine represents a mature iteration of his approach to youth and the emergence of video games in the 1980s; his career as chairman of CAPCOM has evolved from technology to the ageless traditions of growing and making wine.


Heidi’s special connection to the land of Kenzo Estate goes beyond her skill for turning grapes into sublime and magnificent wine— in her youth she rode horses on the trails of Wild Horse Valley Ranch, the equestrian facility that predated Kenzo's arrival. Heidi’s character and integrity are expressed in these wines; her signature is a wine style which honors the sense of place.

DAVID ABREU, Vineyard Manager

Developing Kenzo Estate’s vineyards beginning in 2002, David made an exception to his discipline of staying well North in Napa Valley where the climate is considerably hotter. With the opportunity to tend to this land, David recognized the potential of elevation and proximity to the bay that would deliver extraordinary quality and a uniquely refined style within Napa Valley.